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Isfahan 59145

Persian carpet Isfahan / Perserteppich Isfahan - Dimension: 167x110 cm

Among the finest handmade carpets ever made, Isfahan rugs are the pinnacle of the Persian carpet.
In an enchanted city, renowned for its taste and finesse, these carpets are of great delicacy and utmost intricacy. 
The city of Isfahan holds pride of place in the Persian rug industry because of its rich history and reputation dating back
to the 16th century. Most Isfahan carpets are finely detailed in wool and silk, often on a base of pure silk.
Until the middle of the 20th century colors were mostly stronger, like bold reds and blues on the ubiquitous beige.
But later comes the visible influence of the international Designer, with more subdued ranges of subtler colors. 
Still, at the sight of curvilinear vines snaking over an elegant field around an exquisite medallion,
specially if the long fringes glisten silkily from magnificent borders, the word 'Isfahan' tends to spring to one's lips.
Patterns include pictorial and tree-of-life schemes, as well as the Shah Abbas field with its floral vines.