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Qum Silk 45976

Dimension: 150x97 cm - Knots/sqm: 1.000.000


Qom (Qum / Ghom) carpets are among the finest in the world. Although it does not boast a long and ancient history, Qom, south of Tehran, creates exceptional works of art, frequently entirely in pure silk. The carpet industry of this city is incredibly modern, producing quality which is extraordinary. Prices tend to be very high, reflecting super quality of materials, design and execution . Syles and patterns vary tremendously, as this city usually recreates ancient historical patterns from many other noble sources. Most respected are hunting scenes or other pictorials, not to mention the brilliant medallions and borders of unbelievable finesse. 

The city of Qom is considered a sacred place among Iranians, where many make pilgrimages for inner peace with God. Its weaving industry, started only in the 20th century, has developed an unequalled reputation for spectacular pieces of pure hand-woven silk. Qom has no pattern unique to this city, so its carpets are produced in a variety of beautiful and historic designs, demanding prices in the highest range of all Persian weaving. Brilliantly detailed medallions, all-over patterns of the greatest intricacy, and breath-taking pictorials and hunting scenes, attest to the craftsmanship of Iran's finest master-weavers. Some pieces of fine wool are also made there. Although signatures are found on fine rugs made elsewhere, the weavers of Qom take such enormous pride in their product that they almost always weave their signatures into a small part of the carpet´s border. Many shapes and sizes are produced, including squares, rectangles, oval or round, and the sizes may vary from a very small rug to a carpet which would suit the grand salon of a palace. The materials used can be wool, silk, or any combination of the two. 

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